Welcome to our state of the art studios in the centre of Melbourne on the iconic Chapel street.

Having auditions, filming, dance, vocal classes, rehearsals, workshops, photoshoots, conferences? Whatever your needs are, Patrick studios Australia has got a space for you.
We have seven studios available for your incredible moment at PSA as well as stereos and pianos if you so need.
Contact us on 9681 8856 or at for your next studio hire booking.


Prices: Peak hour = school days. Off peak hour = School Holidays

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The Meeting Room

Meeting Room  is equipped with 8chairs and  table

$15 per hour – Includes use of kitchen

Lecture Room

$60 per hour


All studios are equipped with mirrors and stereo


Studios 1, 2 and 3 Combined

  • $110 per hour peak
  • $80 per hour off peak

Studio 1, 2 or 3

  • $45 per hour peak
  • $25 per hour off peak

Studio 10

  • $50 per hour peak
  • $30per hour off peak

Studio 1

Length = 5.00417m Width = 5.0031m

Studio 2

Length = 10.002m Width = 5.00435m

Studio 3

Length = 10m Width = 5.00425m

Studio 10

Length = 10.00285m Width = 5.0038m


All rooms are equipped with pianos

Drama and Vocal Rooms D204 and D206

  • $25 per hour

Tap Room D205

  • $35 per hour peak
  • $25 per hour off peak

Room D204

Room D205

Room D206